Our patent registered technologies and years of close co-operation with and support of the Norwegian oil and gas industry actors, resulted in the development of our modular and compact systems that can remove oil from water and soils in full compliance with the strictest environmental standards in the world, such as the ones adopted by the European Union.


We restore legacy contamination sites by removing imbedded oil from soil and water and remediating problems of current oil production, such as removing oil drill cuttings and from produced water, or recovering oil trapped in refinery sludge lagoons.


ERA processes operate at the lowest recovery costs in the industry and create improved yield through recovery of marketable oil. Our low labor and maintenance requirements reduce the need for expensive crews and heavy capital investment to replace worn equipment.


Founder and CEO of ERA, Joseph has a wide range of experience in North America and Europe, playing key role in startup businesses that achieved leading positions in their respective market segments through organic operating growth. A technology professional, he is also an expert in designing and implementing practical and intuitive governance models focused on operational efficiency, profitability, full compliance assurance, and protection of critical IP.


Technical and Operation’s Strategist, is experienced in providing practical engineering solutions for firms such as EADS and Airbus Industries  in next generation of additive technologies. From its inception, Mr. Murray has been a key figure in formulating and supporting the activities of ERA, from overall strategy, market research, technology assessment, legal, finance, and risk management  up to and including engineering.  


Mr. Murray is a co-founder of an oil field drilling and services company with extensive experience in UK, North America and Africa.


is a widely recognized European expert in the Oil & Gas Industry, having vast experience with best available (classified) technologies of the world’s largest Oil & Gas companies.  He was co-founder of Geodynamics Research, providing unique technology for the exploration and monitoring of oil reserves.

Mr. Bernardi is often called upon  to advise senior management of Oil & Gas companies  in the Middle East, CIS countries, and other producing nations in Western Africa and Americas.