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Our two- or three-man operation soil remediation system is currently customised for remediation soil contaminated by oil and heavy metals. We can also treat oil storage tank bottom sludge and drill cuttings.


ERA’s 10 metric tons/ hour capacity system ships in a 40-foot container and is capable of remediating soil with as much as 40% oil contamination to levels less than 0.5% post-treatment discharge levels.

In addition to oil contamination, our technology can remove heavy metals, PFAS and other pollutants from soil.

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We are expanding our current core technical platform that includes an auxiliary soil preparation and slurrification sub-system, will be upgraded to allow continuous operation in extreme climate conditions to process any type of soil.  Development is also underway to add a post-treatment & dewatering  sub-system to allow further reduction of residual oil content on treated soil from the current 5,000 ppm to <100 ppm, as well as for regaining most water from treated wet soil in order to optimise our system for desert applications.

Dewatering / post-treatment sub-system 


Soil Preparation and Slurrification sub-system

Our existing Core Soil Remediation system

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